Console Makers Battle

Console makers Battle- Video Games and Movies, the two business channels that were least hit by floundering worldwide economics. Box Office receipts and attendance are at or near records and the growth of gaming, while pausing slightly, still stands out as a tech sector on the rise. With gaming options like Nintendo’s (NTDOY) Wii & DS, Apple’s (AAPL) iPod Touch & iPhone, Microsoft’s (MSFT) XBox and Sony’s (SNE) Playstation 3 & PSP the kids (and ever increasing adults) these days have choices aplenty

The Electronic Entertainment Expo goes on as we speak and it has been an interesting couple of days with keynote speeches by the big 3 console makers; Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony. While its been common knowledge that Nintendo and its motion controlled & causal gamer placed Wii has been the big winner in this generation of the console wars, with NDP data showing it outselling the XBox by 2:1 and the PS3 by a factor of 2.5:1 lately, the true test is likely to be longevity.Click here to read full article>>